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We’re all on a journey in this life, and David has uncommonly good sense of where we need to go. David is oriented toward light, inviting us to experience who we are, right now, whether we feel lost or found. He somehow knows what we so often forget: there is beauty in it all. Awe and vulnerability, joy and surrender are in his photography because they are in his life.

Amy Carusso



Through his photos, David captures rhythm like a musician and conveys meaning like a poet. Living in El Salvador in the years leading up to civil war, David has a trained eye for finding beauty in unexpected places.  His use of light and dark in his compositions give an edgy, yet sacramental tone to his work: hinting at the transcendent in all things earthy.

Martin Baldwin



David has a unique way of unearthing the beauty that lies all around us by illuminating details that we often overlook or don’t take the time to appreciate. His work invites us to value the dignity inherent in every person and to delight in the wonders around us, whether we find ourselves alone in nature or in a crowded city street. He thinks outside of the box regarding what is beautiful and worthy of remembering and his photography encourages me personally to expand my definition of beauty and art.

Ashley Henrriquez



My eyes are naturally attracted to the beauty of everyday life, natural and spontaneous, our life with all its moments, its colors, and details, life as is.  I' am fascinated by the natural light, the light meeting the darkness, contrasts.

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